Fertilizer Tenders

Charger II fertilizer truck mount boxes and semi-trailer tenders are continuously welded for strength and durability.  They are designed with a low center of gravity for greater stability.

Easy-sliding stainless steel dump gates allow for precise metering.  The frame is constructed of mild steel and has tubular steel cross-members to support the hopper.

Charger II-SF truck mount

Our custom-built fertilizer tenders come with a variety of options:

  • Hopper Construction
  • Hopper Capacity
  • Hydraulics
  • Roll Tarps
  • Discharge Styles

We offer 4 different fertilizer tender models to suit your needs:

  • Charger II SF – Side Discharge Tender
  • Charger II FB – Overhead Discharge Tender
  • Charger II CB – Belt Discharge Tender
  • Charger II Semi-Trailers available with side, overhead or belt discharge