Charger II Tenders use tandem hydraulics to power the discharge system.  The Parker hydraulic motors are connected to the augers with a coupler sprocket and chain assembly to absorb shock and reduce maintenance.  Directional control valves for all the auger functions (Charger II-SF and FB only) feature adjustable pressure relief and are conveniently located at the rear of the tender.  The truck mount units include a Commercial Intertech tandem, direct-mount pump.  The large-capacity oil reservoir with sump strainers, filters and sight gauge keep the hydraulic system running clean and cool.

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic discharge height adjustment
  • Tandem hydraulic system
  • Direct mount P20 hydraulic pump (truck mount only)
  • Oil reservoir with filter, sump strainers, sight gauge (truck mount only)
  • Direct coupled Parker ME series hydraulic motors
  • Rear mounted 2500 psi control valves

CHII-FB discharge motors and valves

Optional equipment

  • Hydra-Kool Jr. oil tank with a 4-gallon oil reservoir and a 12-volt DC cooler fan mounted to the truck frame.  This high performance cooling system weighs only 85 pounds, saving you up to 435 pounds.  Available on both truck and semi-trailers tenders.
  • Air-shift PTO’s available

Hydra Kool oil cooler

We recommend ISO46 non-detergent hydraulic oil.