SS-429 Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

Ray-Man quality features make field loading faster, easier, and safer.

The SS-429 is a universal conveyor for moving bulk materials. Control the rate of discharge by adjusting the belt speed from zero to450 feet per minute.  Direct the discharge chute for precise loading straight down or off of the end.  Discharge height of 12’6” insures easy filling of most transport and floater trucks.

The Ray-Man SS-429 Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor is balanced for one-man hook-up, and its adjustable wheel track provides outstanding stability over the road or through the field.  Motor and adjustment covers shield moving parts while safety guards protect operators.

A popular optional feature is our hydraulic planetary drive wheels with lock-out hubs (forward, reverse, left, right).

SS-429 conveyor

 Standard Equipment

  • Unload up to 2.5 tons per minute
  • 24″ wide PVC 120 LB “Z” belt with stainless steel lacing
  • 12″ deep 12 gauge 304 stainless steel frame construction
  • 10′ long horizontal hopper section
  • 30′ incline section at a 25 degree angle
  • Portable undercarriage with adjustable wheelbase
  • LT235/75R-15C radial tires on steel wheels
  • Heavy duty 1″ clevis hitch with safety chains
  • Stainless steel crowned drive pulley with lagging
  • Stainless steel self-cleaning take-up pulley
  • Stainless steel return rollers
  • 12″ diameter UHMW belt hold-down wheels
  • 27 HP Kohler CH740 gas engine
  • Heavy duty two-stage air cleaner
  • Salami hydraulic pump
  • Control valve with adjustable pressure relief and belt speed control
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motor drive
  • 30 gallon oil reservoir with filter, sump strainer and sight gauge
  • (2) 6-gallon CARB Low Evaporative Emission fuel tank
  • Maintenance-free battery in a non-corrosive box
  • Power unit mounted on a steel skid
  • Approximate weight – 2,800 pounds

incline belt

Fall 2012 014

SS429 standard axle

standard ss 429 belt


Optional Equipment

  • Flared hopper wings
  • 3′ X 8′ intake hopper X 24″ overall height
  • Stainless steel rain cover
  • Adjustable caster wheel on hopper end
  • Hydraulic planetary drive wheels with lock-out hubs (forward, reverse, left, right)
  • Approximate weight with optional planetary drive wheels – 3,280 pounds

Flared hopper wings

planetary wheels

wheel drive